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Who We Are

Our History

Roots in The GMP Collective

Before the founding of the S3 Collective in 2023, our mission was being championed by The GMP Collective. This predecessor organization laid the groundwork for what the S3 Collective has become today.


Achievements & Milestones

  • Renowned Events: Members of our collective have been invited speakers at some of the world’s most prestigious events, sharing insights and expertise on topics of global importance.
  • Monthly Webinars: With an unwavering commitment to education, The GMP Collective hosts monthly webinars to share knowledge, innovations, and best practices with a diverse audience.
  • White Papers & Publications: Through rigorous research and analysis, our members authored white papers and articles that addressed pressing issues and provided actionable solutions.
  • Global Workshops: Bridging borders, we’ve facilitated workshops around the world, fostering international collaboration.
  • Leadership Roles: Testifying to our credibility and expertise, members of our collective have served in senior leadership roles in standards developing organizations and trade groups.
  • Consensus Standards: Pioneering new paths, we drafted some of the very first consensus standards that now guide best practices in our field.
  • Policy & Education: Beyond the industry, we have played an instrumental role in educating stakeholders both domestically in the US and on the international stage.


A New Era: The S3 Collective

With a renewed vision and an expanded mission that will include more than just cannabis products, the S3 Collective launched in 2023 to converge standards, science, and safety.

Our mission

Our mission is to converge scientific research and standards to build an objective global framework that enhances the quality and safety of botanical products. 

We will serve our mission by:

  • Harnessing subject matter experts to develop solutions to public health risks
  • Empowering stakeholders to leverage data-driven standards to protect consumers
  • Serving as a resource for unbiased information and data for all stakeholders

Our values

We envision a world where evidence-based data and global marketplace standards converge to create frameworks that allow for the safe, consistent manufacture of botanical products.


David Vaillencourt, MSc.

In 2014, David’s eyes were opened to the cannabis industry’s lack of standards while interviewing at an Oregon testing lab. His background in overseeing quality assurance during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill further fueled his commitment to public safety. Conversations with cannabis innovators and a leadership role in ASTM International’s Committee D37 revealed alarming gaps between science, quality, and the rapidly evolving cannabis and psychedelics marketplace. Determined to create change, he founded The GMP Collective, drawing experts from various fields to inject unbiased, scientific standards into the industry. Recognizing a broader need to safeguard all botanical products, David transformed his passion and experience into S3 Collective. With a mission rooted in public health and safety through scientific evidence, he aims to bridge the gap between nature’s potential and societal well-being.

Alena Rodriguez, MSc.

Alena serves as a Technical Director for the S3 Collective. She brings nearly a decade of experience managing one of the nation’s first cannabis testing laboratories, implementing quality management systems, and leading numerous initiatives, including chairing the Laboratory Subcommittee of ASTM’s Committee D37, co-founding the National Cannabis Laboratory Council (NCLC), and helping draft Policy Council papers for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). Before entering the cannabis industry, she worked in biochemistry and neuroscience labs performing drug discovery research at Florida Atlantic University, Envoy Therapeutics, and the University of Colorado –  Anschutz.  After being recruited to join The GMP Collective as a Technical Consultant, she embraced the collective’s vision by building relationships with federal agencies, public health experts, and scientific researchers.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the nonprofit’s dedication to merging scientific research with standards, aiming to elevate the quality and safety of botanical products. They engage experts across sectors, champion data-driven standards for consumer protection, and act as advisors for the vision of bringing together impartial information and data.

Alexa Wilson

Director of the Design+Build Division at Omega Equipment & Supply

Alexa has 20 years of expertise in design, build, and supply chain management, currently leading the Design+Build team for Omega Equipment & Supply. She’s an involved community activist, having organized national fundraisers and served on boards, and is a member of ASTM’s D37 Committee.

Scheril Murray Powell, Esq.

Cannabis, Agriculture, and Dietary Supplement Attorney/Consultant

Scheril Murray Powell, Esquire, a leading attorney in cannabis, agriculture, and dietary supplements at Doumar, Allsworth, et al. She’s also the Business Development Manager for the Cannabis Division at Creative Services, Inc. Founder of Green Sustainable Strong, LLC, she chair of  ASTM D37 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Subcommittee  and actively serves on the Broward County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board. Her visionary leadership impacts these industries.

Ed Nodland

Co founder and Director of Operations at Jet Stream Innovations, LLC

Ed specializes in transforming standards and regulations into practical tools for data collection, training, and compliance. He is a retired Boeing performance improvement leader and now an executive officer of ASTM’s D37 Committee where he has authored three standards.

Lakshmy Mahon

President & CEO at Global Data Vision

Lakshmy is a seasoned business development executive with 16 years experience at the American Petroleum Institute (API), where she last served as the Director of Global Industry Services. She has built 8-figure self-governing programs utilizing global standards for oil and gas, manufacturing and more.

Pierre Killeen

Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs at the Cannabis Council of Canada

Pierre is a Canadian attorney with a rich history in public policy beginning in 1994 when he was called to the bar. His dynamic career has spanned roles from government relations with the ACCC, leveraging the internet’s potential in education with ePALS, to global initiatives with top-tier political figures, underscoring his versatility and commitment to innovation.

Elisabeth Berry

Strategy & Operations Consultant

Elisabeth is an operations and strategy executive, currently leading efforts focused on the scheduling reform of cannabis through the Coalition for Cannabis Scheduling Reform. As the former COO of PSI Labs, a multistate cannabis testing laboratory, and founding member of the NCLC, she is deeply committed to the S3C mission. Elisabeth brings a wealth of experience leading operations and growth initiatives across the venture capital, food & beverage, tech, and healthcare industries, as well as experience in board roles with nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Fred Niehaus

CEO of Interactive Global Solutions

Fred brings over 25 years of global policy and law enforcement experience. He serves on multiple Boards including Safe Harbor Financial, the first publicly traded financial institution exclusively supporting the cannabis and hemp industries, and is on the advisory board of The Policy Center for Public Health & Safety, a 501(c)(4) founded to address the challenges facing law enforcement, regulators, cannabis investors & operators, and financial institutions.

Keith Armington

Principal at Supply Chain OpEx Consulting

Keith has over 40 years experience in Fortune 500 global supply chain roles across medical device and consumer sectors, notably at BD’s Diagnostic Systems and Eastman Kodak. He’s served on the Board of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland and is equipped with certifications like APICS’s CSCP and CPIM, and ASQ’s CMQ/OE.

Founding members

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The Cannabis forum

The Cannabis Forum provides the leading global database of vetted cannabis testing laboratories and ancillary businesses.


Accuris provides members and ambassadors to the most powerful global database for peer-reviewed journal articles, patents, standards, codes, and more.

The gmp collective

The GMP Collective is a leading global consulting firm enabling businesses to realize the benefits of quality management and standards implementation.


As the global leader in 2-way humidity control - from guitars to cigars and cannabis - Boveda brings over 25 years of cutting edge technology to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

Omega Equipment

Omega Equipment and Supply brings over 100 years of commercial kitchen and food industry supply expertise to the cannabis industry.

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