S3 Collective Pledge Letter

The S3 Collective is proud to drive unification of the cannabis market with a Pledge that reflects our shared vision for a safer and more equitable industry.

If you support our principles and want to join the growing list of stakeholders, please contact us to become a part of our collective movement.

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A Unified Pledge for Cannabis Market Certainty  

In the ever-changing cannabis industry, the undersigned associations recognize the need for a safe, functional, and reliable marketplace. This can only be realized through unity, collaboration, and a deep commitment to ethical, scientific, and sustainable principles.

We are Committed to:

  • Championing a future rooted in innovation, equity, and safety.
  • Endorsing globally recognized standards and diverse stakeholder involvement.
  • Embracing the synergies that come from collaborative efforts.

We Pledge to Uphold these Principles:

  • Informed Decision-Making: We will base our policy positions on the latest scientific research, ensuring our actions and recommendations are grounded in the latest factual data.
  • Professional Conduct: We will uphold the highest standards of professionalism in all interactions.
  • Constructive Compromise: We will listen to and value diverse perspectives, striving for consensus-driven solutions.
  • Product Safety and Innovation: We will prioritize safe and fair market access, championing data-driving initiatives that balance safety with sustainability and innovation.
  • Regulatory Collaboration: We are dedicated to collaborating with regulatory bodies and federal agencies to develop responsible, effective market solutions.

Our adherence to these principles embodies our promise to fortify the cannabis and cannabinoid industry. United in our approach, we aim to ensure our industry not only thrives but also serves as a paradigm of safety, ethics, and holistic benefit to all stakeholders. 

Want to become a Pledge Member?

Join the growing list of companies that are proud to join the S3 Collective’s pledge today. Simply e-mail [email protected] and indicate you would like to get more information about becoming a Pledge Supporter.

Our pledge was recently featured in Marijuana Moment and we encourage you to read all about our efforts here.

Pledge Supporters

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Green Genes Logo. S3 Collective Pledge Supporters.
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Sensible Markets Logo. S3 Collective Pledge Supporter.
Steadfast Demand Safe Cannabis Logo. S3 Collective Pledge Supporter.
Terpene Belt Logo. S3 Collective Pledge Supporter.
Orange Photonics Logo. S3 Collective Pledge Supporter.
Enlightened Quality Analytics Logo. S3 Collective Pledge Supporter.
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Norml. Working to Reform Marijuana Laws Logo. S3 Collective Pledge Supporter.
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Policy Center Public Health and Safety. S3 Collective Pledge Supporter.