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Contribute to the Cannabis Knowledge Pool with the S3 Collective

The S3 Collective is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, collaboration, and progress in the cannabis and botanical sciences field. We believe that shared knowledge is the key to unlocking the full potential of cannabis for therapeutic, environmental, and industrial purposes. If you've conducted research that can enlighten aspects of cannabinoid science, safety protocols, sustainability, or regulatory frameworks, we invite you to contribute your findings to our collective repository.

Why Share Your Research with Us?

  • Amplify Your Impact: By providing your research to the S3 Collective, you're ensuring it reaches a wide audience of industry professionals, academics, and policymakers.
  • Collaborate and Grow: Contributing your work opens doors to future collaborations with other leading figures in the cannabis research community.
  • Drive Industry Standards: Your research can help shape the future of cannabis by influencing industry standards, safety protocols, and best practices.
  • Recognition and Visibility: Gain recognition for your contributions to the field and become a visible part of the solution in navigating the complexities of cannabis research.

Research Areas We Welcome

We are keen on research that aligns with our mission of pushing the boundaries of cannabis science, ensuring safety, and setting industry-wide standards. We particularly welcome studies in:

  • Innovative Technologies: Breakthroughs in cultivation technology, product formulation, and extraction methods.
  • Consumer Safety: Investigations into the efficacy of safety protocols, risk management strategies, and quality control measures.
  • Regulatory Insights: Research that offers insights into the evolving regulatory landscape, including compliance challenges and policy analysis.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Studies highlighting sustainable practices within the cannabis industry, from cultivation to waste management.
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How to Provide Your Research 

Are you ready to make a significant contribution to the cannabis community? Share your research findings with us and let's work together to build a comprehensive resource for the entire industry. Please use the submission form below to provide details of your study, including abstracts, methodologies, results, and how it contributes to advancing cannabis science and practice. Your research has the power to inform, inspire, and instigate change.

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