Groundbreaking Non-Profit Leads the Charge for Ethical, Scientific, and Sustainable Cannabis Standards

(Colorado Springs, CO) – More than a dozen leading trade and public health organizations – representing a broad range of perspectives and positions – have signed a pledge committing to work together to create a functional, safe, and reliable marketplace for cannabis and cannabinoid products. Behind this landmark initiative is the S3 Collective, a recently launched visionary 501(c)(3) non-profit – promoting global best-practice Standards, Science, and Safety.

Why is this important to your readers?

This pledge is a testament to the cannabis industry’s shared vision and marks a historic moment of unity and collaboration in this fledgling industry. The signing parties, encompassing a diverse array of stakeholders, underscore a commitment to ethical, scientific, and sustainable principles. The signed commitment outlines key principles, including informed decision-making, professional conduct, constructive compromise, product safety, and regulatory collaboration.

Who is the S3 Collective?

The launch of the S3 Collective has been years in the making, says Co-Founder and Executive Director, David Vaillencourt, MS. The seeds were first planted in 2014 during a job interview for a lab analyst position at one of the first testing labs in Oregon (which he didn’t get). A few years later, an invitation to attend the inaugural meeting of global leaders to develop consensus standards for the cannabis industry, reinforced the critical need for standards and inspired what would later become the S3 Collective. 

Michael Bronstein, President of the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH), commented on the initiative: “ATACH’s pioneering work on industry wide standards in 2014 directly led to the only MOU between a cannabis trade association and ASTM International, the passage of a universal cannabis standard that will now be referenced in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook, and the establishment of ATACH’s committee on cannabis standards which develops and creates standards to pass through third party accredited standards organizations, applauds the launching of  S3 Collective which could not be more timely given the challenge of hemp synthesized intoxicating products being produced outside the purview of regulation.” Bronstein, an early member and current Executive Subcommittee member of ASTM International’s Committee D37 on Cannabis standards, recognizes the shared commitment to this cause alongside Vaillencourt, the Committee’s Vice-Chair.

In the past six years, Vaillencourt has become a globally respected expert on standards while working closely with ASTM International’s D37 Committee on Cannabis, has chaired committees at NCIA, and been invited to speak to thousands of stakeholders at scientific events and trade shows. Vaillencourt is also a driving force behind uniting global leaders across regulatory and public health arenas to dive into the challenges and needs of the United States marketplace, first, and ultimately supporting standardized approaches to regulating the industry.

From these experiences, S3 Collective was born to pioneer the union of scientific research with international standards to uplift the safety and quality of botanical products, especially in the cannabis and cannabinoid sectors. As an impartial organization, the S3 Collective is committed to fostering evidence-based practices and collaboration with regulators for the betterment of society.

Dr. Bryon Adinoff, President of Doctors for Drug Policy Reform (formerly Doctors for Cannabis Regulations) also a signatory of the pledge, reaffirmed the importance of the work S3 Collective is undertaking. “This pivotal commitment reflects our dedication to evidence-based policies and best practices in the cannabis industry. The pledge is a significant step toward ensuring that cannabis regulation is grounded in science and public health principles, ultimately advancing a safer and more equitable marketplace for all,” said Adinoff.

A Call to Action

We invite industry stakeholders, supporters, and the public to join us in this transformative journey. Your involvement is crucial to achieving a future where the cannabis industry is not only thriving but is also a model of safety, ethics, and inclusivity.

“In the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry, it is more vital than ever to unite for a common goal. The S3 Collective is at the forefront of this movement, championing a future where safety, innovation, and equity are not just ideals, but realities,” said (David Vaillencourt)

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About S3 Collective

The S3 Collective is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the cannabis industry through collaboration, education, and standardization. Led by a diverse array of scientific experts and leaders, the S3 Collective aims to foster a responsible and sustainable future for cannabis.

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